Denezhki – Easiest accounting of finances

A simple tool for accounting expenses and income. Without unnecessary functions and subscriptions. Various reports for the period. It is suitable for people who want to keep records of their spending and understand what they spend the most money on, without understanding complex systems.

A simple tool for keeping track of personal finances. Free, quick and easy. Open source code. No extra features and subscriptions. Shows where your money goes. Various reports for the period.

️⚒️ Technologies

React Fastify MongoDB Nodejs TypeScript GraphQL Apollo Jest StoryBook Docker Heroku git html5 Scss

✨ Features

  • ? Records of expenses and income by category with comments.
  • ? Statistics by category for the period in the form of charts.
  • ? Viewing the income / expense difference by month.
  • ? Written in TypeScript with predictable types.
  • ? Localization for 6 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Korean.
  • ✏️ Renaming categories after creation.
  • ? View the amount of transactions for the day and the percentage of the balance.
  • ? Search for transactions by amount or comment.
  • ⚙️ Password change and currency selection.
  • ? Replacing and deleting a category along with operations.
  • ? Tests for server and client.
  • ? You can ask questions and get answers to them.
  • ? Change of theme: light and dark.

? Support

IE / Edge
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? Getting started

1. Installation

git clone
cd expense-tracker
yarn install:all

? Resourses

? Note

If you have any suggestions or problems using the application, write to the

JavaScript Style Guide

? License

The source code is published under the MIT license, which is available here.

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