FinWiz is financial portfolio tracker that allows users to to perform a number of tasks including:

  • Browse realtime stock/crypto/commodity/forex data.
  • Browse the latest market news.
  • Signup/login using Auth0.
  • Add and update portfolio assets.
  • View portfolio stats, including largest stock/crypto holds, portfolio value over time, average buy price vs. market price, makeup of portfolio, and portfolio related news.

Technologies used in the application

The following technologies were used in the client side of the application:

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Ant Design Components
  • RTK Query
  • Sass
  • Chart.js
  • Trading View Widgets

Screenshots of FinWiz in action

Portfolio portfolio.png

Portfolio value over time portfolio_over_time.png

Makeup of portfolio makeup_portfolio.png

Add a new investment add_asset.png

Browse markets (stocks/crypto/commodities/forex) browse_stock.png

Stock Details details.png


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