The project's challenge is to create a Single Page Application, which must be developed using NextJS and the styled-components library.

? Functionalities

  • On the HOME page you can view the projects by hovering the mouse on the circle+arrow on the screen. You can be taken to the Contact page when you click on the 'CONTACT' button.
  • On the ABOUT page, you can learn a little more about me and some of the people/channels that helped me get started in this career.
  • On the PROJECTS page, the main project is presented, which is how the portfolio itself was created. Below you can see other projects, where the links take you to their website.
  • On the CONTACT page, you can click on the text 'Let's talk?' that it opens the modal of the form, making it possible to fill it out. *It is still not possible to access the data sent.

?‍? CI-CD

For project configuration I used ESLint, Husky and Conventional Commits. All of them were already installed in the base Template with Next e Styled Components that I used to start the project.

? Installation

  1. Clone repository
git clone && cd carol_BootcampFrontEndAlura
  1. Install dependencies
yarn install
  1. Run application
yarn dev
  1. Go to http://localhost:3000/ and explore the site

Template with Next e Styled Components

? Screens

Home About
Projects Contact


This project is under [MIT] license.

Made by Carol Andrade