? About

Thinking about doing some personal project so I worked this small Dashboard in ReactJS, project using the React-vis graphic library making our Dashboard more attractive and beautiful.

✨ Features

✔️ dynamic panel; ✔️ menu navigation; ✔️ responsive application; ✔️ Sidebar;\

? Technologies

The following tools were used in this project:

✅ Requirements

Before starting ?, you need to have Git and Node installed.

? Starting

# Clone this project
$ git clone https://github.com/kevinfigueira/dashboardadmin

# Access
$ cd dashboardadmin

# Install dependencies
$ yarn

# Run the project
$ yarn start

# The server will initialize in the <http://localhost:3000>

? License

This project is under license from MIT. For more details, see the LICENSE file.

Made with ❤️ by Kevin Figueira