Web3 Starter

Web 3 Starter is a modern web 3 starter template project.

Here’s the full stack of frameworks/libraries used:

How to Setup Development Environment

A. Start the local hardhat ethereum node

npx hardhat node

B. In a seperate shell, start the NextJS Server.

yarn && yarn dev

Navigate to http://localhost:3000 to see your app.

First Time Project Template Setup

1. Create a .env file.

# Private key used for testnets (ropsten)

# This is the private key you will used to deploy to mainnet

# This API Key is used for Etherscan contract verifications
# To obtain the API Key go here -> https://etherscan.io/apis

# This is the address of the contract that will be used in production
# You'll neeed to set it here, and in Vercel (or wherever you choose
# to deploy the app.)

# Name of the network contract is deployed on

# This API is needed when you run `npx hardhat test` -- so that
# you can approximate the cost of deployin your contract on mainnet