🔥Build a Stunning Fashion Studio Website with React JS [ Locomotive Scroll + GSAP + Framer Motion ]

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This repository contains starter code for Fashion Studio Website in ReactJS.

For the Demo and Final Code checkout this link👇: 🔥Build a Stunning Fashion Studio Website with React JS YouTube Video Views

Images of The Fashion Studio Website:


Resources Used in This Project

Fonts: https://fontsource.org/

External Libraries used in this project:

styled-components GSAP Framer-mMtion React-Locomotive-Scroll Locomotive-Scroll

All The Resources Used in This Website Are from👇:

Walking Girl Video: Video by cottonbro from Pexels [https://www.pexels.com/@cottonbro]


Ring: Photo by Arif Syuhada from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@arifsyd15

Rings: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@cottonbro

Earings: Photo by say straight from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@say-straight-1400349

White Tee:Photo by cottonbro from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@cottonbro

black t-shirt girl: Photo by Lena Hsvl from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@lenaneva

Red girl: Photo by Yaroslava Borz from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@yaroslava-borz-126286496

Ethnic Wear: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@belart84

Suit: Photo by Chloe from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@chloekalaartist

cap male: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@cottonbro

Watches: Photo by Mister Mister from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@bemistermister

Denim: Photo by Denis Zagorodniuc from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@imdennyz

Jacket: Photo by Simon Robben from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@simon-robben-55958

Yellow T-shirt:Photo by RAUL REYNOSO from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@raulkingr

Yellow Dress: Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/@godisable-jacob-226636

Famous Quotes Used:

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” — bill cunningham

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


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