A Twitch player for people who watch Twtich on their TVs using an HTPC.

Especially catered to OLED TVs which are prone to burn in with the static text/overlays that other Twich viewers provide


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  • Search for channels
  • Favorite channels
  • Go directly to a streams videos
  • Large UI icons making it easy to select items with a bluetooth mouse
  • Video/Chat display automatically resizes itself every 60 seconds to avoid OLED burn-in

Future Features

  • Support for live streams (currently only supports VODs)
  • Persisting favorites between re-starts (currently only held in react state)

Technologies Used

  • NextJS (React framework)
  • Twitch API
  • MUI


Clone the .env.local.example file into .env.local and fill out the variables with your Twitch credentials

npm install
npm run dev


HTwitch is open source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3).



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