Welcome to heroicons-lookup ?

A utility library to lookup TailwindCSS Heroicons by their name. Based on @jsmith‘s gist


Use cases

Say for example, you store in database, entities that have an icon. The intuitive thing to do is to store the name of the icon in the database. Another example could be a situacion where you want to change the icon based on the user input, or based on certain conditions.

If you need to import an icon dynamically based on it’s name, you can with this library. By using the function below, you can obtain exactly the icon you want, as react component.


npm install heroicons-lookup


import {lookupIcon} from "heroicons-lookup"; const ExampleComponent = ({iconName="ArrowLeftIcon"}: {iconName: string}) => { const Icon = lookupIcon(iconName, "solid") return ( <Icon className="flex h-5 w-5"/> ) }


lookupIcon(iconName: string, format: "outline"|"solid")

Finds an icon element with the name indicated (if any). Throws an error if not found.


? Nicolas Quiroz [email protected]

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Copyright © 2022 Nicolas Quiroz [email protected]. This project is MIT licensed.

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