NextWorld is a virtual world playlist-making website where users can create, favorite, and share playlists of worlds in VRChat. This site can be used to travel to any world in the playlist without needing to take your headset off. Users can also see a public list of all submitted playlists and lists of the playlists they have created and favorited.

This project was created by: Taylor McLeod, Kevin Holmes, Robert Di Ninno


Transporting to the first world in the “Cool Worlds” playlist without leaving VRChat

Launching a world in a playlist from within VR

Homepage Homepage

User’s Dashboard User's Dashboard

View a Playlist View a Playlist

Add a World to a Playlist Add a World to a Playlist

Edit a Playlist

Edit a Playlist


  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • ReactJS
  • React Router
  • NodeJS
  • Bcrypt
  • JWT
  • Axios
  • Cookie-Parser
  • VRChat API


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