Tech Stack Used: React.js, Socket .io, Tailwind.css

A website where users can share a special URL and invite other people to join them for a video chat. The website’s built-in code editor also allows users to alter one another’s code and compile it in several programming languages that may be saved. Users can also draw out their ideas using a whiteboard and they can record the entire session and store it in your downloads.



  • You must have node.js installed in your system.
  • Use the package manager to install applications prerequisite node_modules
npm i

How to access the project

Run the following to command to run the app in the development mode.

npm start

Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in your browser. The page will reload when you make changes. You may also see any lint errors in the console.

Synopsis of the project

  • The website starts by giving you a special URL where you can chat with other users via sharing this URL.
  • Users can video and audio chat with ever user.
  • The website can compile code in 5 different Programming Language (C, C++, Python2.7, Python 3.0, Java). The user can add inputs form the input tab.
  • All code and input changes will be reflected to every user.
  • User can record session and save it in there download. There is also an option of saving code as well.
  • Whiteboard is also there to connect users through visualization.
  • Problem Statement Tab allow users to see a Specific Problem Statement to solve.


  • Home Screen: Home Screen
  • Whiteboard: Whiteboard
  • Problem Statements: Problem Statements
  • Screen Recorder Output : Screen Recorder Output
  • User Video and Mic Off:User Video and Mic Off

Future Scope of this project

  1. Adding functionally to add user problem statements.
  2. UI Fixes.
  3. Adding ways to authenticate user.



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