Language Translator App

A web application to translate multiple languages

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This project is about building a web application to translate languages using language translator API from external services like Libre Translate. Here you will be able to translate between multiple languages and whenever you type something it will be automatically translated in the side panel. To use the app, choose the source language and target language from select options and then type anything in the text area and it will automatically translate it to the targeted language.

Language Translator App


? Features

  • Translate automatically without clicking on any button
  • Debounce is used to avoid sending unnecessary network requests
  • Copy to clipboard feature available
  • Word count feature available
  • Clear all text at one click feature available
  • Bubble animations
  • Cool and funky UI/UX design
  • Responsive for all screen sizes



Getting Started

This project was built using React, Rest API, JavaScript and CSS. It is a web application and for running on your local environment you should follow these guidelines.


  • NPM


The project repository can be found in GitHub link or just clone the project using this command.

git clone">


# git clone
  • Open terminal on your workspace with

cd /home/workspace/Translation-App


Install NPM

Check that you have node and npm installed

To check if you have Node.js installed, run this command in your terminal:

node -v

To confirm that you have npm installed you can run this command in your terminal:

npm -v

To install all the dependences of the project, run the following command:

npm install

To run the application, run the following command:

npm run dev

Tools used on this project

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Vite Js React Template

? Contact

If you want to contact me, you can reach me through below handles.

linkedin Twitter

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