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Code House

Store House of 300+ Developer cheatsheets✨️

Introducing Code House ✌️

Code House is the all in one storehouse for developer cheatsheets. Code House is made up of 300+ curated cheatsheets from 230+ sources. Filter by categories, or source, sort by time or popularity, dark mode, bookmark cheatsheets, add new cheatsheets, request feature, and much more features, make the app amazing! ?

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? Demo

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? Features

Code House comes up with a whole bunch of amazing features to provide you the best experience, Here’re some of our best features.

I recommend you to bookmark code house, because it will become super handy one day!

  • ? 300+ Cheatsheets
  • ? Filter by Category (29 Cateogries)
  • ? Filter By Source (230+ Sources)
  • ? Bookmark Cheatsheets
  • ? Add new Cheatsheet (on browser itself)
  • ? Seperate page for each Cheatsheet
  • ? Request for Features
  • ? API Support >> API Usage
  • ? Report Cheatsheet
  • ?️ GraphQL Playground
  • ?‍? Contributors Page >>Contributing
  • ? Sort by time or popularity
  • ? Search Filter
  • ?️ Toggle View (List View or Grid View)
  • ? Dark mode
  • ? Upvote/Comment on Cheatsheets
  • ? Newsletter (once a week)
  • ? Fully Responsive
  • ? Reply to a comment
  • ? Create Collections with Bookmarks
  • ? Drag and Drop to arrange collections

Code House is the next revolutionary app to hunt the best cheat sheets for all types ✨️

?️ Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repository

git clone
  1. Change the working directory

cd codehouse
  1. Install dependencies

npm install
  1. Create .env file in root and add your variables

  1. Run the app

npm run dev

You are all set! Open localhost:3000 to see the app.

? Contributing

Pull Requests are always welcome! You can add a cheatsheet on the browser (Anonymously or Singed In). Your cheatsheet will be reviewed and added to the app, also see yourself in contributors.

If you wish to contribute using Github, you can work on any features or create one on your own. After adding your code, send us a Pull Request.

After your PR got merged, you’ll be automatically appared on contributors page. Works through Github API.

? Built with

? What’s next

Code House is the biggest ever project I have made till date, I have a big idea in my mind, and you can see a lot more features coming soon.

Here are some idea that is coming really soon ?

  • Profile Page
  • PWA, In Progress ⏳️
  • Markdown support for feature requests
  • Twitter and Facebook Auth, In Progress ⏳️
  • Perform Operations with API
  • Featuring Cheatsheets on day basis
  • Generate Cover Image for missing ones
  • Settings page
  • Choose Secondary color
  • Notification tab
  • AMP Support, In Progress ⏳️
  • Hear description for posts, In Progress ⏳️

?️ License

This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.

? Deploy

?‍? Author

? Savio Martin

? Thanks to the all Contributors

Thanks a lot for spending your time in helping code house grow and help many developers. Thanks a lot! Keep rocking ?

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