Airbnb like web app. | Rent out your property, house and apartment and earn money. Book Top Rated Rentals for Your Next Trip. Helping you make the best decisions in renting and choosing your last minute locations.


Libraries used

I have used as Ben Awad likes to calls it: The Hypebeast Stack (React, Typescript, Node.js, GraphQL)

  • React the love of my life
  • GraphQL because REST APIS are boring
  • apollo-server-express as server
  • MongoDB for persistance of data
  • GraphQL Subscriptions for realtime communication and chat system
  • Ant Design for creating UI
  • Apollo Client for client state management
  • Typescript for type safety, cure for headache you get when props are flowing all over the app with no hint
  • Stripe for handling payments
  • Cloudinary for image uploads
  • Mapbox for showing maps


  • Google Oauth
  • Book Top Rated Rentals and Listings for Your Next Trip
  • Chat system | Direct message the host/owner of rentals for more information.
  • Create a listing and rent out your property, house or apartment and earn money.
  • Update the Listing information
  • Handle payments with stripe.
  • Review and rating system.
  • Filter and search for listings and rentals based on location.
  • View the location of any listing or rental on a detailed map.

and more….


  1. Clone project
git clone [email protected]:saalikmubeen/paperhouses.git


If you aren’t a docker person, [You lost my respect for that. ?]

cd into root project

1. cd server

npm install to to install server dependencies

npm install --force if npm install doesn’t work due to conflicting dependencies

Setup required environment variables:

Make a .env file inside the server directory with below environment variables

  • PUBLIC_URL: http://localhost:3000
  • SECRET: my_super_secret_for_cookies

npm run seed if you want to seed the database with some data

npm run dev to start development server

Make sure you have mongoDB installed

1. cd client

npm install installs client dependencies.

Setup required environment variables:

Make a .env file inside the client directory with below environment variables


npm run start to start the react development server.


If you use docker, respect++

Running project through docker is a breeze. You don’t have to do any setup. Just one docker-compose command and magic

cd into root project

First replace the environment variables in the docker-compose.yml file with your own.

Then run:

docker-compose up --build

Only if you have docker installed in the first place


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