Eduministic is an AR-based web platform where students from any background can visit the site and learn various concepts with the help of 3D Models, which makes their understanding easier, and faster.

Demo video

You can checkout the demo video on youtube by clicking here.

? Main Features

  • Interactive 3D Models
  • Learn with Augmented Reality
  • Discuss with other students in the chatroom
  • Chatbot Assistant
  • Fun games

? Pages

  • Login/Register
  • Home page
  • Learn page
  • Chatroom
  • Fun Zone page
  • Contact page

? Tech Stack

  • React Js
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase
  • React-three-fiber
  • Tailwind CSS & Framer Motion


Required to install and run the software:

Installing and Running

From the project folder, run these commands in console (terminal) to install dependencies and run the app:

npm install
npm start

?️ Some glimpse of the site

? License

This software is open-source, licensed under the MIT License.