The Open Source Laptop Sticker Maker is a project designed to create custom profile images using Memoji-Laptop-Sticker. Developed by @flornkm, it incorporates various technologies and features to enhance the user experience.


Utilizes TypeScript for enhanced type safety and improved developer experience.

Next.js App Router:

Implements the Next.js App Router for efficient and dynamic routing within the application.

React Draggable:

Integrates React Draggable for draggable components, allowing users to customize their profile images with ease.

Serverless Functions:

Utilizes serverless functions, providing scalable and efficient server-side functionalities.

Dynamic Routing and OG Image Generation:

Implements dynamic routing for a flexible user interface. Additionally, includes OG (Open Graph) image generation for social media sharing.

Built with Next.js, Firebase:

Utilizes Next.js for building the frontend and Firebase for backend functionalities, providing a scalable and real-time data solution.


Created by @flornkm.

This Open Source Laptop Sticker Maker combines various technologies to create a feature-rich application for generating custom profile images. The use of TypeScript, Next.js, React Draggable, and serverless functions contributes to a dynamic and user-friendly experience.