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GitNoter is a web application that allows users to store notes in their git repository. This is a frontend project built using mainly react (typescript), redux-toolkit & mui components. GitNoter API is the backend implementation of REST APIs which are used by this react app.

GitNoter Demo


  • Login with GitHub.
  • Create, edit, delete, organize & explore notes easily with a nice & clean user interface.
  • Markdown format supported allowing users to add hyperlink, table, headings, code blocks, blockquote… etc inside notes.
  • Editor allows preview of markdown.
  • Quickly copy code from the code section using copy to clipboard button.
  • Store notes directly at the root or use folders to organize them (nesting supported).
  • Explore all the notes from a specific directory with single click.
  • All the notes are stored inside user’s github repository.
  • Notes are cached to avoid additional API calls.
  • URLs can be bookmarked.

Local Development Setup


  • Node.js version 18 or above

Start the server

npm install
npm start

This will start the react app in the development mode. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

Run tests

npm test

This will execute all the tests and also prints the code coverage percentage.

Contribution Guidelines

Every Contribution Makes a Difference

Read the Contribution Guidelines before you contribute.


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