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ProStack ?

An open-source platform ? to peep into some highly interesting and exciting projects & connect with those project’s owner for collaboration so that you can build together, because building together is always fun! ?

Why ProStack? ?

Building a portfolio is must to have a great proof of work to showcase a skill.✨ Feeling bored while developing the apps alone? ? Well, building with a team is always fun learning.

ProStack?, is a platform where users can seek for a community of developers who are looking for collaborators to build projects. If any project interests you, get ready for your next open-source contribution, that too with a team.

You don’t have to buy any PRO? to use ProStack?, it’s a free open-source project. Huzaaaaaaah?, let’s get on the board!! ?

How to use ProStack? ?

  • Sign in using GitHub.
  • Look for projects at the project listing page.
  • Connect with the project owner to collaborate.
  • Connect with other ProStack users and get involved in the community.
  • Enable Open for Collaborations from your profile page.
  • List your project at ProStack and get great collaborators so that you can build with a team.

Entities with which ProStack has been built ?️

  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Firebase
  • TailwindCSS

Basic Workflow of the Project

Early Preview ?

  • Home

  • Project Listing

  • User Listing

  • Project form

  • User Profile Page

  • Page Not Found

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