Veterinary clinic project made with React and Firebase

Responsive, modern and user-friendly vet clinic web application


  • Customer
  • Doctor
  • Admin


  • Authentication - Users can sign up, log in, and log out using their email and password. Authentication is handled by Firebase.


  • Appointments - Registered user has an ability to make an appointment to any doctor for any time regardless of whether it is day or night because clinic work 24/7.
  • Reviews - Users can leave a review about every member of doctors
  • Send an email - If the user has a question, the answer to which cannot be found in the FAQ section, then on the main page there is a form that he can fill out, send and receive an answer


  • Appointments - Each doctor can view all records made by users to him. There is also a button on each appointment that you can use to see detailed information about it.
  • Reviews - as well as with appointments doctors have an access to approved reviews about them.


  • Users - Can see all registered users as well as all banned users. Can ban users and delete them.
  • Reviews - Have a list of unapproved reviews users left and can approve it or delete.

Tech Stack

Client: 7423888_react_react native_icon

Server: firebase

Additional libraries user

  • EmailJS
  • React hook form
  • antd
  • react-intersection-observer
  • redux-persist
  • swiper