What’s it

An Anonymous Chat Room Power By Livekit livekit And Next.js

⚠️ Since the main branch will have current mikes after a certain number of people, I really can’t find the problem, so this branch is refactored on the basis of livekit meet

Online demo

You can try an online demo right now at https://chat.cwy666.eu.org/, This demo uses the free service of livekit cloud as the backend and will stop automatically when the quota runs out.


  • Easy to deploy, You can use the free service of livekit cloud directly, without using your own server
  • Support video and voice chat (only voice is allowed by default), no login required
  • Text chat in room, can send text or emoji
    • More custom emoji support
    • More message types, including images, videos 🚩
  • Browser-based speaker, microphone, screen recording(Perfectly support Chrome, Edge, does not support speaker recording on safari)
  • Latency calculate–Current implementation is very simple
  • Room password setting
  • Multiple entry points on the front side (polling a set of available apikeys) to improve reliability
  • Optimized for mobile – works | good | excellent

(🚩means indicate the current ongoing)

Running locally

Clone the repo and install dependencies:

git clone [email protected]:velor2012/anonymous-chat-room.git
cd anonymous-chat-room
yarn install

Create a new LiveKit project at http://cloud.livekit.io. Then create a new key in your project settings.

Modify env.example to env.local, and change the configuration according to the actual situation

Then run the development server:

npm run dev

You can test it by opening http://localhost:3000 in a browser.

Deploying for production

This is a nextjs app, which you can deploy by following these steps

  1. fork the shoe repository
  2. import directly to vercel
  3. set you environment variables


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