AutoFocusDOF Component for React Three Fiber

Live link with the demo of the component

Download link for the component: Click here


This component was created to make your life easier when creating a scene using React Three Fiber and the post processing effect to obtain an auto focus. It depends on @react-three/postprocessing to work, in addition to to be able to scan objects on Canvas using a RayCaster to calculate the distance.

There are some options you can use:

  • bokehScale={10} //blur scale
  • resolution={1024} //resolution (might affect the performance)
  • mouseFocus //if false, the center of the screen will be the focus
  • focusSpeed={0.05} //milliseconds to focus a newly detected mesh
  • focalLength={0.01} //how far the focus should go


import AutoFocusDOF from './AutoFocusDOF'

You can also create a file to hold the component yourself. Just copy and paste these lines.

import { useRef } from 'react'
import { useFrame, useThree } from '@react-three/fiber'
import { DepthOfField } from '@react-three/postprocessing'
import { Raycaster, Vector2, Vector3 } from 'three'

export default function AutoFocusDOF(
    { bokehScale = 10, 
    focalLength = 0.001, 
    focusSpeed = 0.05, 
    mouseFocus = false, 
    resolution = 512 
    const { camera, mouse, scene } = useThree()

    const ref = useRef()
    const raycaster = new Raycaster()
    const finalVector = new Vector3()

    raycaster.firstHitOnly = true

    useFrame((state) => {
        if (mouseFocus) {
            raycaster.setFromCamera(mouse, camera)
        } else {
            raycaster.setFromCamera(new Vector2(0, 0), camera)

        const intersects = raycaster.intersectObjects(scene.children)

        if (intersects.length > 0) {
            finalVector.lerp(intersects[0].point, focusSpeed)
   = finalVector

    return (


And add this component inside the EffectsComposer…

   bokehScale={10} //blur scale
   resolution={1024} //resolution (decrease for performance)
   mouseFocus //if false, the center of the screen will be the focus
   focusSpeed={0.05} // milliseconds to focus a new detected mesh
   focalLength={0.01} //how far the focus should go

Resources: Threejs, WebGL, React Three Fiber, React three post processing

Show, don’t tell

Here you can see a video with it in action and some options

Getting Started using this demo project

Download and install Node.js on your computer (

Then, open VSCODE, drag the project folder to it. Open VSCODE terminal and install dependencies (you need to do this only in the first time)

npm install

Run this command in your terminal to open a local server at localhost:8080

npm run dev

Very Important!

This component is always searching for points on meshes and can have an impact on the performance if you are not using . Using is a must to use this component. Be sure to import and to embrace all your scene with it


  <Bvh firstHitOnly>
    <----Your Model />


If you add components that covers the entire screen, like the Sparkles, the AutoFocus will see them and will not be able to focus in the objects behind them. Also, there is a problem preventing the Autofocus to work after a resize on the Canvas. I’m still working on this and plan to fix it soon.

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