A GraphQL migration tool and relational database visualizer


? Overview

ArtemisQL is an open-source web application providing a SQL (Postgres) database GUI and custom-generated GraphQL schema (type defs, queries, mutations) and resolvers created by developers for developers, to ease the transition from REST to GraphQL.

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⚙️ Getting Started

Visit to utilize the tool.

Connect to a database

  • Input your PostgreSQL URI
  • OR use the sample database to view data rendered in an interactive diagram.

Visualize your data

  • Easily view the relationships between the tables via the links that highlight the foreign key constraints.
  • Move any table and arrange them to optimally view the structure of the database and the relationships between the tables.

Generate GraphQL Schema

  • View the generated GraphQL schema, including the types and associated resolvers.
  • Use the copy button to effortlessly integrate the code into your project.

GraphQL Sandbox

  • Interactively construct full queries using the sample database.
  • Use the “Docs” to explore the possible queries, fields, types, mutations, and more.

?️ Planned Features:

?️ How to Contribute:

We would love for you to test our application and submit any issues you encouter. Please feel free to fork your own repository to and submit your own pull requests.

How you can contribute:

  • Submitting or resolving GitHub issues
  • Implementing features
  • Helping market our application

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This product is licensed under the MIT License.