Tiny Flags

? What is this? Feature flags for ants?

Well, yes! Antiny ? looks super happy with it. But also it is a simple way to add client-side feature flags that can be updated at runtime using a companion browser extension.

Let PMs, designers, fellow developers or even clients try your awesome new features without worrying about waiting for the whole thing to be finished or blocking a release.

Tiny Flags is a great option when you don’t want to pay for a third-party provider. Every user of your application can update the flags’ status without the need of re-deploying, allowing them to test in a real environment.

This project also provides full TypeScript support when using the useFlags hook.

? Install

npm i @matiasbontempo/tiny-flags

?‍? Usage

First, you’ll need a configuration:

// tiny-flags.ts

import { createTinyFlags } from 'tiny-flags';

const flags = {
  newFeature: {
    label: 'New Feature',
    value: false, // value is not required
  anotherFlag: {
    label: 'This is another feature enabled by default',
    value: true,

export const { FlagsProvider, useFlags } = createTinyFlags(flags);

Then you can wrap your application with FlagsProvider.

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom/client';
import App from './App';

import { FlagsProvider } from './tiny-flags';

    <FlagsProvider><App /></FlagsProvider>

Finally, import useFlags in your components to check your flag’s status.

// component.ts

import { useFlags } from './tiny-flags';

const App = () => {
  const flags = useFlags();

  return (
      This will show if
      { flags.newFeature && <div>Ta-da! ?</div> }

export default App;

Make sure to import FlagsProvider and useFlags from the tiny-flags configuration file and not the tiny-flags package.

? Extension

This library establishes a two-way communication with the Tiny Flags Extension so you can see the available flags and also toggle their state.


⚠️ When not to use?

  • You need to remotely update your flags
  • You need complex rules or different audiences for your flags
  • You don’t want your flags to be exposed


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