Cubing Timer

Casual Speedcubing Timer

Website Info

This website is currently in early development and aim to beable to work as a Offline Progress Web Apps (PWA). The website aim to provide a UI/UX friendly Speedcubing timer as alternative to the most common csTimer (csTimer Github Page).

Current Feature (23/11/2019)

  • Basic Timer
  • Basic Storage (indexedDB)
  • 3x3 cube Scambler

In Development

  • UI/UX on timer on start
  • Stats (ao5, mo3, ao100 etc)

Up Coming

  • UI/UX
  • Inspection Time
  • Other Statistic (eg: #solves per day, time-difference per day etc)
  • Time Trend

Developer Additional Thought

This is just a project I created for myself to learn more about ReactJs as well as gain more experience in development. I have previously started a similar project in June 2019 (hidden from Github at this point in time) but it was paused due to exams and other committements. This is a restucture of that project and reuse some components from previous project as well as what I have learnt to create a project with better file stucture as well as feature that I did not know exist back in the time.

Finish product will unlikely as polish as csTimer or Timiks, but I will try my best, welcome to leaves any issues or give me suggestions :)