Custom hooks to use breakpoints for React ??


# using npm
npm install @kodingdotninja/use-tailwind-breakpoint

# using yarn
yarn add @kodingdotninja/use-tailwind-breakpoint


Resolve from Tailwind CSS configuration

Similar to pmndrs/zustand‘s create API, initialize the breakpoint hooks by passing the resolved Tailwind CSS configuration using resolveConfig:

// /hooks/tailwind.ts

import create from "@kodingdotninja/use-tailwind-breakpoint";
import resolveConfig from "tailwindcss/resolveConfig";

import tailwindConfig from "path/to/tailwind.config.js";

const config = resolveConfig(tailwindConfig);

export const { useBreakpoint } = create(config.theme.screens);

Extract screens values

Another option is to extract all screens values into a separate file:

// tailwind.screens.js or other name to separate breakpoint values
const screens = {
  sm: "640px",
  md: "768px",
  // ...

To keep the same values, require inside tailwind.config.js:

// tailwind.config.js
module.exports = {
  theme: {
    screens: require("path/to/tailwind.screens.js"),
  // ...

Then pass the extracted screens to the create function:

// /hooks/tailwind.ts

import create from "@kodingdotninja/use-tailwind-breakpoint";

import screens from "path/to/tailwind.screens.js";

export const { useBreakpoint } = create(screens);

Without Tailwind CSS

While this package was built in mind for Tailwind CSS usage, it can be used without it since there is no dependency at all. You can pass any breakpoint values:

// /hooks/breakpoint.ts

import create from "@kodingdotninja/use-tailwind-breakpoint";

export const { useBreakpoint } = create({
  sm: "640px",
  md: "768px",
  // ...

Available hooks


Use breakpoint value from given breakpoint token

import { useBreakpoint } from "./lib/tailwind";

function App() {
  const isDesktop = useBreakpoint("md");

  return <div>Current view: {isDesktop ? "Desktop" : "Mobile"}</div>;


Use given breakpoint value to run an effect

import { useBreakpointEffect } from "./lib/tailwind";

function App() {
  useBreakpointEffect("md", (match) => {
    if (match) {
      console.log("Desktop view");


Resolve value from given breakpoint value

import { useBreakpointValue } from "./lib/tailwind";

function App() {
  const value = useBreakpointValue("md", "Desktop", "Mobile");

  return <div>Current view: {value}</div>;

Suggestions and/or questions

Head over to our dedicated Discord channel for use-tailwind-breakpoint.



MIT License, Copyright (c) 2021 Koding Ninja


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