Custom react slide button for both desktop and mobile. This button uses react-swipeable to detect the swipe action.



npm install --save react-slide-button


yarn add react-slide-button

Demo / Example

Click here


Key Type Default Description
mainText string | react node Element that appears on button
overlayText string | react node Element that appears on slide overlay
onSlideDone function Callback that gets called when the button is slide complete
reset integer If this value changes, the button is reset to initial state, i.e., non-slide state.
caret string | react node Element to serve as new caret, default is an image of arrow.
customCaretWidth integer 40 Caret Width.
classList string Class names that gets appended to main button element
overlayClassList string Class names that gets appended to overlay element
caretClassList string Class names that gets appended to caret element
delta integer 10 Minimum distance to slide before swiping animation starts
minSlideWidth float 0.6 Minimum width that a user needs to slide till to change the button state to slide state. Value ranges from 0-1. For example, 0.6 means user needs to slide atleast till 60% of total width of button to set it to slide state.
minSlideVelocity float 0.6 Other way to change button state to slide is to slide it quickly. If the slide velocity is above this value then button is set to slide state.

Note: Even if user slides to lesser distance than the one specified by minSlideWidth option, if his slide velocity is above minSlideVelocity the button state will be changed to slide.


Firstly move on the Package Folder.

cd package

then install the dependencies with npm install or yarn install.

Now , use the following command to create a link locally, which is to be used in example project, using the following command

npm link

Now start the automatic rebuild for hot reloading purpose using the command:

npm start

Keep this terminal opened and move onto next step.

Now you need to start the example project, to do this make sure your current directory is /example, install its dependencies too using npm install or yarn install command. Now link react-slide-button to the example project using the command:

npm link react-slide-button

Now you can start the example project by running the command:

npm start

Now you are ready to make changes to /src/index.js file.