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Web3 Twitter

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Solidity (Writing Smart Contract)
  • Javascript (React & Testing)
  • Ethers (Blockchain Interaction)
  • Hardhat (Development Framework)
  • Ipfs (Metadata storage)
  • React routers (Navigational components)

Requirements For Initial Setup

  • Install NodeJS, should work with any node version below 16.5.0
  • Install Hardhat

Setting Up

1. Clone/Download the Repository

2. Install Dependencies:

$ cd web3-twitter
$ npm install

3. Boot up local development blockchain

$ cd web3-twitter
$ npx hardhat node

4. Connect development blockchain accounts to Metamask

  • Copy private key of the addresses and import to Metamask
  • Connect your metamask to hardhat blockchain, network
  • If you have not added hardhat to the list of networks on your metamask, open up a browser, click the fox icon, then click the top center dropdown button that lists all the available networks then click add networks. A form should pop up. For the “Network Name” field enter “Hardhat”. For the “New RPC URL” field enter ““. For the chain ID enter “31337”. Then click save.

5. Run deploy script to migrate smart contracts

$ npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network localhost

6. Run Tests

$ npx hardhat test

7. Launch Frontend

$ npm run start




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