React Editable

A component that wraps around a form component to provide an editing state that it maintains. Works with promises returned by the Editable methods.

React Editable can accept anything as its value, making it a generic wrapper for any controlled component that needs a temporary editing state.

Why Use It?

React Editable factors out the concerns of temporary state and whether to maintain it in a global store like Redux, or in your own component. It passes through its current state so you can render your component differently depending on whether it's inactive, editing, or waiting on a promise.

Demo & Examples

npm install
npm start

Then open localhost:6006 in a browser


import React from "react";
import { Editable, useEditableContext } from "@dcwither/react-editable";

function Input() {
  const { value, onCommit, onChange, status } = useEditableContext();
  handleCommit = () => {

  handleChange = evt => {

  return (
        disabled={status === EditableStatus.COMMITTING}
      <button onClick={handleCommit}>Submit</button>

// Either wrap in the Editable Component with render props
<Editable onCommit={handleCommit}>
  <Input />

// Or control the flow of your editable props directly with:
const { value, onChange, onCommit } = useEditable({

State Transitions



Editable, useEditable

Property Type Required Description
onCancel func(value) No Callback for when editing is canceled
onCommit func(message, value) No Callback for commit changes
value child.propTypes.value No Unedited value to be passed through to child while presenting

useEditableContext, EditableContextConsumer


return value



useEditable, useEditableContext, EditableContextConsumer

Property Type Description
onStart func Callback that triggers start of editing
onCancel func Callback that triggers cancel editing and clears edited value
onChange func(nextValue) Callback that triggers change in edited value
onCommit func(message) Callback that triggers a commit
status 'PRESENTING', 'EDITING', or 'COMMITTING' Current status of ReactEditable
value any The value passed into Editable if PRESENTING or the edited value if EDITING or COMMITING

Commit Event Handler (onCommit)

This will be called when the matching callback passed through to the render prop child is called. If it returns a promise, ReactEditable will remain in a COMITTING state until the promise resolves. If ReactEditable unmounts before the promise resolves, it will cancel its promise, and avoid a setState.