Form Registration With Axios Request

🟣 Do you need a Form Registration features with API Rest?

→ Without Data

→ With Data

→ Get Started

These instructions will allow you to get a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

→ Settings to run on local machine

The first step you’ll need to get started is downloading the project.

git clone

→ Install Dependencies

npm install

→ Run server application

npx json-server server.json --watch

→ Run front-end application

npm run dev

→ Axios Configurations


Here we create the instance with axios features.

You need change the baseUrl in the file, puting your url.

→ Tools

Libraries Description
ReactJS Front-end library
react-hook-form To Control our form
styled-component To style the components
zod Library to validation form
vite Bundler and compiler JS.

→ Author

For the development of the platform we have:

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