Speechly Demos

Speechly Demos is a Rush monorepository that contains multiple single-page web applications showcasing voice application control with Speechly. The demos are written in React/TypeScript using Speechly’s React client libraries, UI components and Voice form components.

Contents of the repository

Speech-to-text demo

Demonstrates Speechly’s raw speech-to-text capabilities. See below for steps to build the demo yourself. You can also try the app deployed from this repository embedded on Speechly’s web site. Scroll down to find the push-to-talk button!

Flight booking demo

Demonstrates how to fill a booking form with text fields, dropdowns and checkboxes using both voice (VUI) and touch/type (GUI). The voice interface has been configured to extract keywords (entities) like departure and return date and number of passengers for the Voice form components to display. You can try the deployed web app and say something like:

  • “Show me direct flights from New York to Miami for 2 passengers departing tomorrow.”

Checkout demo

Another demonstration of multimodal VUI/GUI form filling. You can provide the recipient, shipping and payment details. The voice interface has been configured to extract keywords (entities) like name and phone number, email, shipping address and other relevant information from the speech. You can try the deployed web app and say something like:

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Built With


Check if you have the tools already installed

git --version
node --version
npm --version
rush -h

If necessary, install the build tools

  • Install git
  • Install node and npm from https://nodejs.org/
  • Install rush globally with npm: npm install -g @microsoft/rush

Clone this repository, if you haven’t already:

# download the repository into `speechly-demos` folder
git clone [email protected]:speechly/speechly-demos.git

Run and develop an application with Rush

cd speechly-demos

# Update dependencies
rush update

# Build dependencies
rush build

# Run an app
cd applications/flight-booking-demo
rushx start

Creating a new Speechly app

npx create-react-app applications/new-demo-app --template file:cra-template-speechly
cd applications/new-demo-app
rushx start

Remember to replace YOUR_APP_ID_FROM_SPEECHLY_DASHBOARD in src/App.tsx with your own app id from Speechly Dashboard.

To build the new app along with other projects, add the following lines to “projects” array in rush.json:

  "packageName": "new-demo-app",
  "projectFolder": "applications/new-demo-app"

Then follow the steps to Run and develop an existing application with Rush

Developing a library against a sample app

In terminal 1, run this command to build library dependencies for flight-booking-demo and stay in watch mode to rebuild any changes to dependencies:

# Build dependency and stay in watch mode
rush build:watch --to-except flight-booking-demo

In terminal 2, run the app using the development server in watch mode

cd applications/flight-booking-demo
rushx start

Basic rush skills

Update/add a project dependency

rush add --package @speechly/react-ui@latest

Check for mis-matching dependencies across projects

rush check

Using Voice form components

Add @speechly/react-voice-forms dependency to the project:

rush add --package @speechly/react-voice-forms

Include the components:

import {
} from '@speechly/react-voice-forms';

Place the form components inside your SpeechProvider block:

  <VoiceInput label="From" changeOnIntent="book" changeOnEntityType="from" />

Styling Voice form components

Add a voice-form-theme-mui.css to your src folder, then include it in index.tsx:

import "voice-form-theme-mui.css";


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