Dummy 2D Store Map

Build a 2D store map, showing location of all products and robots.

DEMO: http://2d-store-map.surge.sh

Libraries used

  • React@^17.0.2
  • TailwindCSS@^2.2.17
  • Typescript@^4.4.4

Getting started

npm install

Builds dependencies.

npm run start

Compiles and runs project on http://localhost:3000

npm run build

Builds project for static deployment.

npm run test

Runs unit test cases.

Deploying to the web

With surge

Install surge if you haven’t already:

npm install -g surge

Then, from within your project folder:

npm run build
surge --project build --domain 2d-store-map.surge.sh --token <SURGE_TOKEN>


  • I am assuming there will be a large size JPG image for store map. We should also know the intrinsic width and height of the image. We should get this data from API. I have mocked it as a helper function in data/map.ts and used a floor map of a building.
  • Products location will be received by an API call, which I have mocked as a helper function in data/products.ts
  • Robots location will also be received by an API call, which I have mocked as a helper function in data/robots.ts
  • Robots will be moving, so they will have an orientation and speed. To mock that, I have added a setInterval to update robots location every second.
  • Setting image in the background, I have rendered all products (in green) and robots (in blue) on map.
  • I used a library https://github.com/prc5/react-zoom-pan-pinch for zoom, pan and pinch features.
  • The app would work on different resolutions. It would first scale down/up the map image to match the device resolution, and then translate the x,y coordinates of all products and robots according to the scale.
  • Users can pinch and zoom, pan, double-click on map to zoom in, and the products and robots will be filtered as per the view area.
  • For slightly better UX, I have added “Zoom In”, “Zoom Out” and “Reset Zoom” buttons.


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