E-Commerce Website with ReactJS

It is an app made by designing an e-commerce web-site. You can add and delete products to the cart, search a product, login with your Google authentication, add special comments to all products, get discounts on products using the discount15 promotion code, see the products you have purchased before with their details and you can get fast shipping service with priority shipping. Thanks to Kohls Api for the Api service.

Available Scripts

In the project directory, you can run:

npm install

npm start

To use this project, click on the given link and do the following steps.


Click this link and subscribe to Basic with your own account.


Click the Get products/list method on the left and select Javascript(fetch) on the right.

Copy your own apikey as in the picture.


Paste your own Apikey in the places indicated below.


You can now use the site.

Some products in the main section may not work due to Apikey difference.

Images from the web-site

Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-52-56
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-53-04
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-53-06
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-53-10
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-53-18
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-53-34
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-53-58
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-54-13
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-55-00
Screenshot from 2021-12-26 01-55-07


  • Responsive Design
  • React Redux
  • Searchbar
  • Context Api for Firebase Google Authentication
  • Firebase realtime database
  • Add overview for logged users
  • Orders for logged users
  • Payment
  • Discount with discount15 promotion code
  • Priority Shipping
  • Deploy the app live on Firebase


Mert Çankaya


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