MLH Project – EPYG

EPYG: Every Place You Go!

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Vercel is used to upload this repository and you can check out this project here.

(However, the api is not on the server. So some features of this service would not be available without running local api. To run local api, you need to clone this repo and get it running in your local computer.)

Offered features

  • Search location (with Google Map AutoSearch Api)
  • Retrieve Traffic condition Google Map by location input (with Google Map Api)
  • Retrieve Google Search Trend results (with custom api)
  • Retrieve instagram images with location input (with custom api)
  • Count the number of people in images (with custom api using Google Vision API)

To be added

  • Using image api
    Api has a feature to count number of people in image and only return images that has more than 5 people.
    However, routing is not done yet, so client cannot use api and is rendering fixed images temporarily.

  • Google Map Traffic
    We offer google map by location input. However showing traffic condition is not done yet.

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Then open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Project Stack

  • NextJS
  • React
  • Sass


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