ReactConf.TV is a place where passionate React developers are able to search & watch organized and up-to-date react conference videos.


Data Sourcing

The data for ReactConf.TV mainly comes from two YouTube Data API:

  • playlists API to fetch all playlists a YouTube channel contains
    • a channel normally represent the organization for a particular conference. For example, React Europe.
    • a playlist is a particular conference event, for example, React Europe 2020.
  • playlistitems API to fetch all videos a playlist contains
    • a video in a playlist represents a talk in one conference, for example, vjeux's talk about Excalidraw in React Europe 2020

The high-level data sourcing logic looks like this:

  1. Maintain a manual file data/ytChannels.json, to collect the YouTube Channels contain React Conference playlist. The ultimate source comes from ReactJS's community conference
  2. For every channel in ytChannels, fetch their playlists and save to data/playlist/<channel-name>.json
  3. For every playlist in one particular channel, fetch the video list save to static/playlistitems/<playlist-id>.json
  4. During build-time, the data/playlist will be used, so ReactConf.TV knows all conference events.
  5. During runtime, when user navigate to a particular conference event, we can then fire a request to /static/playlistitems/<playlist-id>.json using its id, since we deploy those data as static content.

Getting Started

npm install
npm start

open http://localhost:8000/ for running locally reactconf-tv


Welcome to contribute!
If you have any idea or suggestion, feel free to open an issue or create a PR.

How To Contribute a New Conference Resource for Reactconf-tv

  • Can see the file data.json in data folder , and then you would see below data structure
  "ytChannels": [
      "name": "react-conf",
      "display": "React Conf",
      "channelId": "UCz5vTaEhvh7dOHEyd1efcaQ",
      "conferences": [
          "name": "react-conf",
          "display": "React Conf",
          "filters": ["React Conf"]
  • ytChannels

    • name Channel Name
    • display Unused for now
    • channelId Channel id which use to fetch youtube api
      • conferences
        • name The name of the playlist
        • display The playlist name will display on the reactconf-tv playlist
        • filters The keyword to get the playlist
  • How to get the channel id ?

    • Select the channel which you want to append to reactconf-tv,

      you would see the channel id on the url.${channel_id}

  • Where the keyword which I would place in the filters array ?

    • See the below picture , you will see the two playlists,

      what they have in common is the keyword React Conf,

      so if you want to append these palylists,

      please concat the React Conf in the filters of the channel.

      • p.s. Because system limitations, please choose the playlist that postfix has particular year.


  • Why I concat the structure of channel, but I didn’t see the list in reactconf-tv ?

    • because reactconf-tv is static site, we will output static files we need first.

      so maybe you can run below script, you will fetch the data you want,
      then submit pull request.

      node scripts/fetch-data.js

  • Where does the data come from?

    • after running scripts: node scripts/fetch-data.js
      According to data/data.json data/playlist/ and static/playlistitems/ will be generated by the api provided from Youtube
    • data/playlist repr a list of playlist and static/playlistitems/ repr the detail of every video in a playlist
    • To avoid large bundle size at the first request, we will fetch only data/playlist/ at build time and consider static/playlistitems as assets


  1. Open a new issue with description.
  2. Fork and clone the repo.
  3. Create a new branch based off the develop branch.
  4. npm install && npm start to run the development enviroment.
  5. Make changes.
  6. Make commit message with conventional commits specification.
  7. Submit a pull request, referencing any issues it addresses.
  8. We will review your Pull Request as soon as possible. Thank you for your contribution ✨

Directory Structure

The following is the hign level folder structure of reactconf-tv

├── data
│   ├── data.json
│   └── playlist
├── gatsby-browser.js
├── gatsby-config.js
├── gatsby-node.js
├── gatsby-ssr.js
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── scripts
│   └── fetch-data.js
├── src
│   ├── AppContext.js
│   ├── PageContainer.js
│   ├── components
│   ├── hooks
│   ├── images
│   ├── index.css
│   ├── pages
│   ├── templates
│   └── utils
└── static
    ├── fonts
    ├── images
    └── playlistitems