Floating UI

Powerful positioning primitives


Floating UI is a low-level library for positioning “floating” elements like
tooltips, popovers, dropdowns, menus and more. Since these types of elements
float on top of the UI without disrupting the flow of content, challenges arise
when positioning them.

Floating UI exposes primitives which enable a floating element to be positioned
next to a given reference element while appearing in view for the user as best
as possible. Features include overflow prevention (or collision awareness),
placement flipping, and more.

  • Tiny: 600-byte core with highly modular architecture for tree-shaking
  • Low-level: Hyper-granular control over positioning behavior
  • Pure: Predictable, side-effect free behavior
  • Extensible: Powerful middleware system
  • Platform-agnostic: Runs on any JavaScript environment which provides
    measurement APIs, including the web and React Native


To use it on the web:

npm install @floating-ui/dom

yarn add @floating-ui/dom

Quick start

import {computePosition} from '@floating-ui/dom';

const referenceElement = document.querySelector('#button');
const floatingElement = document.querySelector('#tooltip');

function applyStyles({x = 0, y = 0, strategy = 'absolute'}) {
  Object.assign(floatingElement.style, {
    position: strategy,
    left: `${x}px`,
    top: `${y}px`,


computePosition(referenceElement, floatingElement, {
  placement: 'right',

Visit the docs for detailed information.



Right now, Floating UI focuses on positioning floating elements, but a package
that exposes higher-level primitives for building these elements more easily is
in development.


Floating UI is an evolution of libraries in this space like Popper and Tether,
developed by the co-author of the former and creator of Tippy.js. Much of the
code is forked from Popper 2’s codebase and adapted to the new API.


This project a monorepo written in TypeScript using npm workspaces. The website
is using Next.js SSG and Tailwind CSS for styling.

  • Clone the repo
  • Install dependencies in root directory with npm install
  • npm run dev in the root will launch the @floating-ui/dom development
    visual tests at http://localhost:1234/spec. You can fiddle around with each
    test file in packages/dom/test/visual/spec/. Reload the page to see your




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