Food Ordering App

This React.js project is an assignment from a react course.

Its basically an application that you select meals and add desired amount of them into your cart. You can manage your cart, see unit price and accumulated price for each line of the order aswell as the grand total


Here is demonstration of the application.

application demo

Subjects that are covered in the project

  • State management with Context API + react reducers
  • Module bundling and path configuring techniques with babel, react-app-rewired and customize-cra
  • Usage of some built-in hooks like useContext(), useEffect(), useRef()
  • Ref forwarding method using React.forwardRef()
  • Portal feature using ReactDOM.createPortal()
  • Styling with SCSS modules


  • run npm install command to install dependencies
  • and finally run npm run start command to run the project.


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