Crypto Exchange

Full stack Crypto Exchange that lets you practice cryptocurrency trading with fake money!


Key Features

  • Users can view, purchase and sell crypto coins at real-time market prices. Crypto data can be filtered, sorted, and searched by user.
  • Utilized Redux to manage application state for an easier and more predictable access across application.
  • Client built with React, using typescript. Utilized MUI Components, styled components, and SCSS for a responsive UI.
  • Back end server built with Node, Express, and MongoDB, using an external API to obtain real-time crypto prices.
  • Implemented user authentication via JWT, data validation/sanitation on client and server, and error handling on API calls.

Built Using:

Typescript React Redux Node Express MongoDB

react, typescript, redux, mongoose, MUI components, styled-components, cloudinary, animate.css, axios interceptors, react-router-dom, sass, useEffect, useState, Context API, custom hooks, hash router, promise based functions, async/await, custom API, moment etc…

How to install and run?

# Clone this repository
 git clone
 cd crypto-exchange

#  Run local server
 cd api
 npm install
 npm run serverstart

#  Run client using local server
cd ../client
npm install
npm run use-local-server

Server would need the following environments and variables provided to run successfully:



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