Series Management | a React and Express Web App

Series management is a ReactJS and ExpressJS fullstack web app I made for a friend.

It’s a private application with just one user, protected by a password only known by him and me.


  • JWT authentication made from scratch.
  • Login persistance using refresh tokens.
  • Protected routing.


  • Typescript, React, Express, Axios and Prisma.

Back-end is being hosted on Heroku while the front-end on Vercel.

Simple Showcase


A friend of mine asked if i could build a interface so he could interact with a database.

He’s hosting a postgres database that stores all tv shows he’s watching or already watched.

This app works like a crud linked to this database.

It was a great opportunity to practice my software developing skills, front-end and backend.

Future Plans and Improvement

  • Containerize front-end and backend. I’ve already done this with the backend though, but i’m looking for a place to host it.
  • Test it out on Kubernetes, GKE or Minikube.
  • Try other backend solutions like FastAPI with python.
  • Implement loading spinners and confirmation.
  • Improve desktop experience.
  • Build future apps using NextJs.
  • Try OAuth and Auth0.


The code published in this repository is for reference only, enviroment variables are needed for it to run since the app was built around them!


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