User verification using decentralised identity and custom conditions

Gates is a web3 tool that makes it easy to create custom condtioned gates for your dapp, metaverse, or NFT project.

  • ✨ Straight-forward API to check user access without violating privacy
  • ⛩ Easily customizable conditions
  • ? Built on top of Next.js and wagmi


Gates expands the concept of access management by combining on- and off-chain identities, arbitrary conditions, and increased customisability. Managing user access and creating personalised experiences has never been easier.

To protect users’ data, we’re utilising DID (decentralised identities) for Ceramic where only the user own and can modify their (encrypted) data. Enjoy!

Quick start

To run an example locally, install dependencies.

yarn install

Then go into the web directory.

cd web

Then run the dev script.

yarn dev

Apps and Packages

  • web: another Next.js app
  • smart-contracts: smart contracts with hardhat
  • web3-config: deployments, generated types from contract and common web3 config
  • ui: a stub React component library shared by both web and docs applications
  • config: eslint configurations (includes eslint-config-next and eslint-config-prettier)
  • tsconfig: tsconfig.jsons used throughout the monorepo

Each package/app is 100% TypeScript.


This turborepo has some additional tools already setup for you:


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Licensed under the MIT License.


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