Show wavy transitions between route changes, in your React 18 apps.

Click here for a demo.


Just a few quick steps to get started:

1. Create a React app

npx create-react-app my-wavy-app

2. Install dependencies

Our project depends upon React’s router library

npm i react-wavy-transitions react-router-dom

3. Modify App.js

The package relies on two components being present.


This is what houses our wave transition between route changes and does not require any props.


This button can be declared anywhere inside your Router component. It takes the following props:

Prop Description Example type required
children The content inside the link About String / Component true
to The route that the link will take you to /about String true
color The background color of the wave shapes. Must be a hexcode or rgba value #8e44fd String false
Example App.js

Copy this whole file in to see a basic example:

import { BrowserRouter, Routes, Route, Outlet } from "react-router-dom";

import { WavyContainer, WavyLink } from "react-wavy-transitions";

const Home = () => <div>Home</div>;
const About = () => <div>About</div>;
const Contact = () => <div>Contact</div>;

function App() {
  return (
      <WavyContainer />
              <WavyLink to="/" color="#ff44fd">Home</WavyLink>
              <WavyLink to="/about" color="#8f44fd">About</WavyLink>
              <WavyLink to="/contact" color="#2f44fd">Contact</WavyLink>
              <Outlet />
          <Route index element={<Home />} />
          <Route path="about" element={<About />} />
          <Route path="contact" element={<Contact />} />
          <Route path="*" element={<>No Match</>} />

export default App;

4. Have fun with it!

Please hit me up on My Instagram page for any support or suggestions ?


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