nextjs-image-generation is a POC on how to do server-side image generation.

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

git clone
cd nextjs-image-generation
npm install
npm run dev

Show the page http://localhost:3000, or download image.

curl localhost:3000/api/recharts-to-image.svg --output recharts-to-image.svg
curl localhost:3000/api/recharts-to-image.png --output recharts-to-image.png

Open recharts-to-image.png, to confirm server-side image generation.


This repository converts Recharts generated graphs to PNG images in the following way.

  1. Recharts (React components) => HTML String (by ReactDOMServer.renderString())
  2. HTML String => SVG (Extract SVG tags from the HTML)
  3. SVG => PNG (by node-canvas) (The blog post I was referring to is:

Sample Image

There are generated on server-side.