React use-yup-string-validator


yarn add react-use-yup-string-validator


React use-yup-string-validator is a hook that receives a string and a yup string validator and return an array of errors. Here is some example code:

import React from 'react'
import useYupStringValidator from 'use-yup-string-validator'

//the string schema
const ValidationPassword = Yup.string()
  .matches(/[0-9]/, '× Must have a number')
  .matches(/[a-z]/, '× Must have an lowercase letter')
  .matches(/[A-Z]/, '× Must have an uppercase letter')
  .matches(/[!#@$%^&*)(+=._-]/, '× Must have a symbol')
  .min(6, '× Must have at least 6 characters')

const App = () => {
  const password = '123456'
  const passwordErrors = useYupFieldValidator(ValidationPassword, password)

    the array of errors will be [
    'Must have an lowercase letter',
    'Must have an uppercase letter',
    'Must have a symbol']

  return (
      { => (


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