👨‍💻 Dumpus (Stats for Discord)

Dumpus is a cross-platform app that gives you advanced statistics on your Discord account. The application analyzes your “Discord Data Package”, which you can request in the Discord application settings.


or use the web version, or Windows, macOS, Linux builds.


Made with

React (front-end) Python (back-end) PostgreSQL (database) Capacitor (cross-platform support)

What’s new?

This app is the v2 of the existing Discord Data Package Explorer, a.k.a DDPE. You can see the improvements below:

Feature Dumpus DDPE
100% open source
Cross-platform ❌ (web only)
Server-side processing ❌ (only work on really powerful devices)
Advanced statistics ❌ (only basic analysis)
More than 10 top DMs/servers/channels ✅ (up to 20) ❌ (10 max)
Shareable stats card
Multi-packages handling

Users that self-host the project can access unlimited top (instead of 20) for free. When using our hosted API, users can buy the Supporter version to get the access.


You can self-host everything in the project, for free. You can build the app for all the environments (mobile, web, desktop…), host your own instance of the API, the database, to keep complete control on your data. Here is a guide to self-host the app.

Need help?

If you need help, you can join the Discord server or open an issue.


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