Duration: weekend challenge

This is a feedback form built with React and Redux which collects user 4 different user inputs. Users may go to selected input and change previous responses. Users are allowed to review and change their responses before submitting to the database. The ‘next’ button is disabled to prompt user to select a number 1-5. All existing feedbacks are displayed in admin. Users may delete feedback from database.

Screen Shots



  1. Create a database named weekend-gallery,
  2. The queries in the database.sql file are set up to create all the necessary tables and populate the needed data to allow the application to run correctly. Please use [PostgreSQL] and [Postico].
  3. Open up your editor of choice and run an npm install
  4. Open two terminal windows
  5. Run npm run server in your first terminal window
  6. Run npm run client in your second terminal window


Thanks to Prime Digital Academy who equipped and helped me to make this application a reality.


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