Get started with React, React Router, Jest, Webpack, ES6 and more with this hands-on guide.


Paul Hudson


This e-book is available completely free online right here, but if you're able to purchase a copy of the book I would greatly appreciate your support. The two are identical in terms of their content, but the paid-for version is available as PDF, ePub and Mobi for a single purchase.

It's impossible to work on the web without having heard about React. Facebook developed it, but Airbnb are using it, as are Netflix, Uber and many more. And with good reason: React is a whole new way of developing complex web applications in a way that allows you to spend more time writing great code and less time fighting with the DOM.

I wrote Hacking with React with one goal in mind: to teach React coding in the fastest, most efficient way possible. After setting up your computer so that it's ready for development, you start coding with React immediately – there's no boring "History of web" chapter that rants on about how the internet was created. Instead, it's all code, all the time.