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Tech Stack

This project was bootstrapped with:

Available Scripts

  • npm run dev to run the app in development mode
  • npm run test to run unit testings using Jest
  • npm run build to build the project into static HTML files
  • npm run preview to run build static HTML files
  • npm run fmt to format and prettify codes

Code Flow

Code Flow

1. React Components

Those are basically JSX components like button, input, navbar etc.

2. Custom Hooks

Those are used as the layer between React Component and Services to communicate. To keep the code clean, I decided to seperate theme instead of mixing every API calls and services into the components.

They usually return the service results and its calling state like isLoading and error. Custom Hooks could optionally call Store if the result of the service needs to be stored globally.

3. Store

Store is basically a global state manager to store states globally. Recoil is used as the global state manager in this project.


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