Glimpse Notes helps you to create, organise and save your notes effortlessly across all platforms.

Install and Run Locally

  • Fork the project
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start to run the project on your localhost


  • Notes Management

    • Crud on Notes
    • Note can have text as well as image
    • User can add color to the note
  • Archive / Trash Functionality

    • User can add note to Archive / Tras
    • Note can be permanently deleted from tras
    • Note can be restored as well
  • Labels Management

    • User can add a Label to any note
    • New labels can also be created
  • Sort Notes by priority and date

  • Search Notes by Title

  • Fully Responsive

  • Error Page

Build With –

  • React Js
  • Redux Toolkit
  • React Router v6
  • Styled Components


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