useOverlayState React hook


You usually have cases when you need to open overlay from a parent component, pass some init values and somehow to get notified about what happened in the modal. The inspiration came from native window.prompt which allows you to get user input result in code that invoked window.prompt. However window.prompt is a blocking call and does not have any customization to your UI, instead this hook utilizes promises and adds more abilities for great experience.

If don’t need async communication – it still exposes you open state management wih convenient methods.


  • Promise-based interface
  • Two-way communication: you can pass params into overlay and get resolved value


Simple example:

import { useOverlayState } from 'use-overlay-state'
import Popover from '@material-ui/core/Popover'

const App = () => {
  const [achorEl, setAnchorEl] = useState()
  const { isOpen, open, close } = useOverlayState()

  const handleClick = (e) => {

  return (
      <Popover anchorEl={anchorEl} open={isOpen} onClose={close}>
        Some content
      <button onClick={handleClick}>Open popover</button>

See more examples


useOverlayState = <T, P>(
  defaultIsOpen: boolean = false,
): OverlayStateManagerProps<T, P>

interface OverlayStateManagerProps<T, P> {
  isOpen: boolean
  params?: P
  open: (p?: P) => Promise<T | null>
  close: () => void
  resolve: (v: T) => void
  updateParams: React.Dispatch<React.SetStateAction<P | undefined>>


  • defaultIsOpen: boolean (optional) – default open state (like in useState). Defaults to false.

Returns object with following props:

  • isOpen: boolean – open state indicator.
  • params?: P – params that has been passed when invoked open.
  • open: (p?: P) => Promise<T | null> – function that opens overlay. Returns a promise which resolves to either null if close was called or result: T if resolve was called
  • close: () => void – function that closes overlay. Will resolve returned promise from open with null (similar to window.prompt)
  • resolve: (v: T) => void – function that resolves returned promise from open with custom value.
  • updateParams: React.Dispatch<React.SetStateAction<P | undefined>>params updater function


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