Navbar component that moves the navbar items to a dropdown, if they do not fit in the content area.


npm install @opuscapita/react-responsive-navbar



The default build with compiled styles in the .js file. Also minified version available in the lib/umd directory.

CommonJS/ES Module

You need to configure your module loader to use cjs or es fields of the package.json to use these module types.
Also you need to configure sass loader, since all the styles are in sass format.


Prop name Type Default Description
activeKey number required Navbar item to be active initially
list list [{id: id, name: name, href: href}] required
showNavItemBorder boolean false show bottom-border below navbar items
showNavItemTooltip boolean true enables tooltips for nav items
tooltipDelay number 2000 delay before tooltip becomes visible
fontSize string 'inherit' override for fontSize
fontWeight string 'inherit' override for fontWeight
placeholder string 'more...' override for placeholder text
height string 40px override for height
Function Parameters Returns Description
onSelect href: string Callback fired when the active item changes

Code example

import ResponsiveNavbar from '@opuscapita/react-responsive-navbar';

const ResponsiveNavbarView = (props) => {
  const list = [
    { name: 'Item 1', href: '/item1' },
    { name: 'Item 2', href: '/item2' },

  const activeKey = 2;

  return (
      onSelect={(href) => { props.router.push(href); }}

export default withRouter(ResponsiveNavbarView);