1. Build an application that displays a list of categories and nominees. Please follow the design in the wireframe below. Run the following commands to start the application:

Install dependencies

npm i

Run the application

npm run dev
  1. Use the React useEffect hook to fetch the ballot data from the provided API (http://localhost:3000/api/ballots), and save it to state by using the React useState hook.

Get example of ballot data

curl -X GET \
  'http://localhost:3000/api/ballots' \
  -H 'Accept: */*'
  1. When you click on a nominee, we should highlight the nominee card and save the selections using the React useState hook. A user can only select one nominee per category, and we should be able to see all of their selections highlighted. The selected nominee card should follow the style guides below.

  2. Make the layout responsive with at least one breakpoint (your choice as to how it looks on a smaller screen width).

  3. Once the user is finished making their selections, they can click on a submit button that displays a results modal screen. A user can dismiss the modal by clicking on the close button (follow the wireframe below).


  1. All navigation should happen in the same page

  2. Demonstrate use of React hooks

  3. Demonstrate knowledge of component modularization

  4. Utilize CSS to create the layout of the page. Add hover styles to the items the user is interacting with.

  5. Create components as you feel is best suited for your solution


Ballot Wireframe

Ballot Success Modal Wireframe


  • Make it pretty

  • Make it accessible

  • Add unit tests

Styling Guidelines

  • Use the “Roboto” Google font
  • Use the following colors
    • Page background: – #0D2436 #0D2436
    • Default/normal font color: #FFFFFF #FFFFFF
    • Hover font color: #CCCCCC #CCCCCC
      • Nominee card / submit button background: #009B86 #009B86
    • Selected Nominee card: #009B86 #009B86
    • Nominee card background hover / submit button background hover: #34AC9C #34AC9C

Good luck and if you have any questions, please reach out to us!


Configure Environment

Clone this repo using git clone
After clone this repo, install packages using npm install or yarn

How to install this app

Run command next dev

How to use this app

  • Select items you want to select

  • Click submit button at the bottom right of the page

    You will see the modal and can see the items you selected


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