Notification Widget to notify you about new PRs ?

Description & Motivation

Widget which allow you to receive notification when you have new pull requests to review.


This is a quite new project and currently it’s only support the following providers:

  • Github ✅
  • Bitbucket ❌
  • Gitlab ❌

Compile & Technology ?️

These are the principal frameworks/tools used in this project:

  • Application: reactjs and electronjs
  • State managing: redux-toolkit and redux-persist
  • Testing: jest, cypress, selenium and mock-server
  • Building: electron-builder

It’s easy to compile the project. Is using npm to manage dependencies, this way, you only need to run the following command to install all the necessary dependencies:

e.g: ./yarn run install && yarn run electron:postinstall

You can use the mock-server to help when you are developing, you only need to set the env property REACT_APP_MOCK_SERVER_ENABLED=true

Run ▶️

To run the application, locally, you will need to run the following command:

yarn run electron:dev

This command will run concurrently the necessary commands to run reactjs and electronjs.

Testing suites ?

Unit tests

Testing small parts of the code is important for a good quality in the project. You can/should create unit tests for utilities methods, small pieces or simple part of the code. You have available jest with react-testing-library to help you. Please use the src/testing/test-util.tsx file to render a component, if you want to test it using unit tests.

Using: jest, react-testing-library

Out of scope:

  • State managing: You cannot manipulate the state;
  • Styling: not available using unit tests;
  • Electronjs: funcionalities from electronjs they are not available.


yarn run test:unit

Component tests

Do you need to test a complex part of your code? Component tests with cypress allows you to mount the component you need to test with the capability to manipulate the internal state. Using this will help you to test the component isolated from the entire application logic. Unfortunately cypress is not support funcionalities from the electronjs, e.g: notifications, that way you cannot test specific behaviour for each operating system.

Using: jest, react-testing-library, cypress

Out of scope:

  • Electronjs: funcionalities from electronjs they are not available.


yarn run cypress:component-test

E2E tests

Unfortunately currently we don’t have a way to run the e2e tests automatically. This is a mix between automation and manually validation. Also it’s using mock-server to mock the provider API, because, is impossible to have real scenarios configured from the external providers. We hope ? in the future improve this and using this as part of our CI/CD pipeline.

Using: jest, selenium, mock-server

Out of scope:

  • Electronjs: funcionalities from electronjs they are available but we need to check them manually.


#Build the application inside of dist-e2e and using mock-server as a provider
yarn run electron:build-e2e

#Run mock-server and selenium webdriver
yarn run test:pre-e2e

yarn run test:e2e

Release & Deploy ?

  1. Run locally the e2e/manually validation. How to run e2e

    1. yarn run electron:build-e2e
    2. yarn run test:pre-e2e
    3. yarn run test:e2e
  2. Go to github release page and click at Draft a new release

    1. Choose a tag – create a new version tag following this pattern: v.{major_release}.{minor_release}.{patch_release}
    2. Target: set the target to release branch
    3. Click at Generate release notes, make the necessary ajustements
    4. Click at Save draft
  3. Check the github action Release and wait to have the assets available

Contributing ?

Pull requests are welcome. Please check the to find the best way to contribute.


This opensource project is under the following license: MIT


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